• Hair Color: Purple
  • Likes: Pitbulls, gloomy weather, going to the gym, painting, & hiking ✨
  • Dislikes: Hot weather, rude people, & chocolate!
  • Interested In: Music, finishing my college education, training my puppy, & pursuing a tattoo artist apprenticeship <3
  • Playlist: Bad Bunny, Akon, Ghostmane, Kxllswxtch, Bones, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, & Deftones
  • Work Schedule: Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday

  • BIO
    Hiii! My Name is Shelly <3! I’m a 23 year old Latina from sunny Los Angeles. I love to pole dance. Aside from being my work, it is one of my main hobbies, along with training my 2 year old pitbull. Hope to see you soon! Xoxo - Shelly

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